CranioSacral Therapy Treatment In Chula Vista

The craniosacral system is actually a protective layer of the body that houses all of the cerebrospinal fluid that flows around the spinal cord and the brain. If you are overwhelmed, stressed or you have had an accident, treatment of this area can work as a way to kick start the natural or self healing processes of the body. Dr. Joe Dubroff has been working with numerous patients to help trigger this self healing with the help of CranioSacral Therapy Treatment in Chula Vista.

A short list of the issues that can be treated using CranioSacral Therapy includes chronic fatigue, emotional disorders, digestive issues, immune system problems, headaches, TMJ, scoliosis, pain in the back and the neck and so much more. There have even been recent studies showing just how positive CranioSacral therapies have been in both children and adults with autism and other similar disorders.

Knowing that you want to try cranial massage to treat certain disorders is the first step to healing. The next step is talking with our friendly staff at Holistic Solutions so that you can learn more about what we can do for you. Putting together a customized treatment plan will help you to get on a road to recovery so that you can feel energized, pain free and refreshed.

CranioSacral Therapy Treatment in Chula Vista is your answer to many of the problems that you may be dealing with day to day. Whether you experiencing headaches, excessive stress or a good bit of tension, you will find that this is a treatment that will focus on a path for natural healing so that the body can actual heal itself. By calling us at (619)272-2133, our friendly team at Holistic Solutions will be able to set you up with an initial consultation and answer any questions that you may have about CST (CranioSacral Therapy).