Growth Hormone Deficiency in Orange County, San Diego

 Human Growth Hormone or hGH Analogue Therapy in San Diego and Orange CountyIn a young and healthy body, HGH or human growth hormone, is produced naturally to stimulate cells and tissue growth and is produced by the pituitary gland. As we age, our hGH levels typically decrease and this can result in growth hormone deficiency with some unfortunate results, including loss of: muscle mass, skin elasticity, effective and pain free joints, mental sharpness and sexual desire and performance, among other problems. Fatigue is also common.  At Holistic Solutions we can help analyze your Growth Hormone Deficiency in Orange County, San Diego and if we find that your HGH levels are low, we can work with you to get your levels where they need to be.

Young people can have what is called Empty Sella Syndrome (ESS). ESS can be a frank loss or diminished pituitary which results in decreased hormonal output from the pituitary gland-coined the master gland-controls target hormonal producing glands such as thyroid, ovarian/testicular/adrenal etc. ESS can be induced through trauma/injury, surgery or radiation. Typically this will mean a broad loss of hormonal functions resulting in fatigue, loss of menstrual function and others. Of course it usually means low hGH.

Dr. Dubroff offers an alternative to suffering the loss of proper function of these important body systems. We provide Human Growth Hormone and hGH Analogue Therapy in San Diego and Orange County. At your initial consultation in our clinic, we will carefully evaluate your physical state through a series of thorough questionnaires and comprehensive laboratory testing. To undergo treatment you must have a deficient output of hormone as the federal government has become concerned with abuse for athletic performance.

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Having recently met this wonderful man and had great interactions, I am happy to say I can recommend his consciousness. It is obvious he is a man of deep caring, both personally and professinally, and expertise in natural medicine is evident.

-Holly Hill