Hypothyroidism: A New Opinion

Hypothyroidism TreatmentHas your doctor told you that you don’t have hypothyroid? Do you recognize that all your symptoms present as hypothyroid with negative testing?

Dr. Dubroff’s extensive experience demonstrates a large proportion of patients presenting with fatigue as their main complaint actually have every symptom of hypothyroid without positive lab values (TSH, free T3 & T4).  Furthermore, if autoimmune markers are tested , often these markers are elevated while the others are with in reference range.

The most common symptoms of hypothyroid are:

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“I think anyone who comes to Dr. Dubroff is lucky. He’s been excellent for me. I was dealing with thinning hair, weight gain, failing memory, and dry skin. Dr Dubroff suspected suboptimal thyroid and starting treating me for that. My symptoms resolved! Later I developed severe skin issues unresolved with topical cortisone. Dr Dubroff researched and prescribed a homeopathic treatment. The results were absolutely magical. I’ve had two problems that I truly believed would never be resolved. I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Dubroff for knowledge and his medical abilities.”

-Carolyn C

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