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Benefits of Vitamin B12 Injections

 vitamin B12 injections in San DiegoVitamin B12 is essential for maintaining healthy red blood cells and nerve cells, but it is also required to produce DNA. For those suffering a vitamin B12 deficiency, a number of different symptoms can be experienced; however, with vitamin B12 injections in San Diego a number of common issues can be resolved, helping a person feel healthier and more alert. Some of the ways that vitamin B12 injections may be beneficial are highlighted here.

The Impact of B12/Proper Bioavailable Forms

When receiving a B12 injection, it provides a much larger dosage than supplements offer and helps to avoid absorption difficulties that some people have. Proper Bioavailability means something-for B12 this means choosing a methylcobalamin, Adenosylcobalamin over a Cyanocobalamin form. Considered a non-toxic injection and for most, the injections are completely painless. Some of the specific issues it can treat are outlined below.

B12 and Age Related Cognitive Decline.

It is said by some that as high as 10% of dementias might be caused by nutrient deficiencies, the leading culprits B12, B6 and B1. B12 is clearly the highest of all nutrient deficiencies in the aging. As we pass retirement age our digestive function begins to slow. It is as common to hear “..I just can’t eat that much anymore… just sits in my stomach..” as it is to hear “…my memory doesn’t work like it used to!” As we age our stomach acid tends to decrease and can be accountable for such complaints and general poor assimilation of nutrients as well. Low stomach acid means low levels of something called intrinsic factor which carries B12 across the mucus membrane of the GI.


Fatigue can be the result of unstable blood sugar levels, inadequate nutrition, lack of sleep, long term stress and stimulants that make a person “crash” after a few hours. When anemia has not been diagnosed, people have noticed that B12 offers an energy boost. There are some athletes who have also reported an increase in their endurance.


Studies have proven that anyone who suffers from depression will respond better to traditional drug treatment if they have a higher level of B12 present in their blood. A theory related to this states that B12 plays a role in the manufacturing of chemicals in the brain, which when a shortage is present are linked to depression.


Many people who have received B12 injections have reported better sleep habits. This is likely due to the increase of melatonin secretion, which is what tells a person’s brain to sleep. Imbalanced melatonin levels have also been directly linked to winter depression.

These are just a few of the benefits offered by vitamin B12 injections. Overall, regular doses of B12 can lead to more stamina and energy for daily activities, an improved and healthier immune system, reduced allergies, reduction in headaches, an improved mood, reduced cases of depression and reduced stress.

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Beat Fatigue Naturally with Naturopathic Treatments

fatigue in IrvineFor anyone suffering from fatigue in Irvine, finding some type of relief is essential, and likely on the top of their to do list. While fatigue can be the result of several different issues, prescription medications often have undesirable side effects, leaving those suffering from fatigue searching for a more permanent option for relief. Diagnosing the source of fatigue is essential; this involves looking into such topics as: thyroid function, anemia, adrenal function/stress, Quality of Sleep, quality of nutrition, mood related topics, General Hormonal function/especially testosterone (for men and women), chronic viral panel/exposure Hx, digestive/immunological considerations, and a number of other chronic health considerations. Natural medical care is a very effective treatment once an appropriate determination of causation has been considered.

The following are some good solid nutritional tips. Keep in mind a consultation with a trained holistic doctor to get the attention you need and deserve is typically very important.

Vary Your Grains/Consider Gluten Free

Having a diet rich in grains is important; however, you should not only rely on wheat. Consider mixing in rye, barley, corn, etc. You may consider adding multi-grain bread to your diet, which will provide energy from different sources.

Never Miss Breakfast

While it may seem cliché, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Be sure to eat a high fiber breakfast each day. What you consume at the beginning of the day will determine how you will feel the remainder of the day. The typical American breakfast leads to improper health. Reduce your intake of fat, salt, and empty calorie carbohydrates.

Decrease Stimulate Intake

Things such as sugar, alcohol and caffeine should be decreased. Try by eliminating coffee and tea for two weeks and see the increase in the quality of the sleep you get and your overall energy levels.

Eliminate the Intake of Refined Carbohydrates

This includes tings such as biscuits, cakes, processed cereals and white bread. These are considered empty calories and will rob away your energy. Additionally, they are the leading culprits of the mid-afternoon slump.

Take a Supplement

You may want to consider adding a good quality Multi-Vitamin, magnesium or vitamin Bcomplex to your diet as they can help and prevent exhaustion. It is important that you get the right dose and bioavailable form of these. This can be insured by talking to a clerk at whole foods/sprouts or even better a consultation with a trained Naturopathic doctor.

Natural remedies for fatigue are more effective than almost any prescription you can be given. When you treat your body properly, you will feel great and have plenty of energy.

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