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Hypothyroidism & Thyroid Treatment In Irvine

hypothyroidism & thyroid treatment in Irvine

Having issues with your thyroid will mean making some changes that can really help you to manage your condition. The good news is that there are plenty of options available to you so that you can take on hypothyroidism & thyroid treatment in Irvine in a more natural manner.

Hypothyroidism is an issue where your thyroid gland becomes underactive and has the inability to make enough or release enough of the thyroid hormones. Your thyroid will normally release a great number of important hormones that make their way through the bloodstream to hit various receptors all throughout your body. Any sort of disturbance in this thyroid function can lead to a vast amount of problems with your health.

If you are unsure if you are dealing with hypothyroidism, there are a number of symptoms that you may recognize, including:

  • mood disorders, such as anxiety or depression
  • fatigue
  • weight gain
  • hair loss
  • cracked skin
  • goiter
  • constipation
  • muscle aches
  • trouble breathing
  • infertility

For some people, there can be a combination of symptoms that will also include changes in heart function, metabolism, sleep, mood, and the way that the hair, skin, and nails are growing. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can treat a thyroid condition, including a combination of both traditional and natural treatments.

Naturopathy helps to focus on your body as a whole to treat from the inside out at the root of the problem instead of simply addressing the symptoms that you are having. Many people today are successfully using naturopathic treatments to get the results they are longing for and successfully living happy, healthy lives despite their hypothyroidism diagnosis.

By working with a naturopath, you will have the chance to work on changing up your diet to eat foods that are rich in the nutrients that your body needs to nourish and heal. Some of the foods that your naturopath may suggest adding to your diet includes:

  • coconut oil
  • wild-caught fish
  • seaweeds
  • sprouted seeds
  • foods rich in probiotics
  • bone broth
  • foods high in fiber
  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • and proper hydration

Along with a few changes to your diet, you may also want to add a few natural supplements to your routine like:

  • iodine
  • selenium
  • ashwagandha
  • fish oil
  • vitamin B complex
  • l-tyrosine
  • essential oils
  • probiotics

When you are faced with hypothyroidism and issues with your thyroid contacting Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions will help you to come up with a personalized plan for treatment. As a professional naturopath, Dr. Dubroff has experience with patients like you who are hoping to bring together a treatment plan to help fight back against hypothyroidism to start living life with fewer symptoms.

Once you make a phone call for an initial consultation, you will be well on your way to having a treatment plan that is tailored to your exact needs. Before you know it, you will have made certain dietary and lifestyle changes that will work in your favor and help you to move past all of the thyroid problems that have been holding you back.

When you want to take a natural approach to hypothyroidism & thyroid treatment in Irvine, look to Holistic Solutions. Call (866) 296-2305 for information.

Health And Healing With Naturopathic Digestive Issue Treatment In San Diego

digestive issue treatment in San Diego

When you have problems with your daily digestion, you need to know that your good health depends on you getting your digestive disorders in check. Poor digestion is something that can end up impacting much more than you may realize. If you are looking for natural options for digestive issue treatment in San Diego, it is best that you look to the guidance and expertise of a professional naturopath.

The digestive system happens to be one of the more important systems throughout the human body. This means if your body is not able to digest your food properly to absorb the right nutrients and get rid of any waste products, it will be nearly impossible for you to attain optimum health. Quality gut function is important when you want to address conditions that may seem unrelated. The bottom line is that whenever your stomach is not happy, the body is not going to be happy.

Improper digestion will impact your stomach as well as your hormonal, nervous, and immune systems. Even if you are making sure that you take in the ideal diet, there could be lack of nutrient absorption and you could start to become lethargic, develop allergies, or suffer from inflammation.

Did you know that there are certain medications that people take for stomach acid suppression that can hinder your natural digestive processes? When you see a professional naturopath, you will have the insight that you need to gain access to all of the effective, simple, and safe herbal remedies and hands-on healing therapies to get your digestive system back on track.

By taking a holistic approach to your digestive issue treatment in San Diego, you will be getting down to the root of the problem. Your professional naturopath will take a look at your environmental surroundings, genetics, emotional well-being, mental state, physical demeanor, and a number of other factors to address what the underlying cause of the issue may be. The flip side with traditional medicine is that there is more of a focus on treating the symptoms of digestive issues instead of getting down to the heart of the matter.

These are just a few of the digestive issues that can be treated successfully with the help of a naturopathic professional:

  • Ulcers
  • Food allergies
  • Irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation
  • Gallbladder disorders
  • Heartburn, acid reflux, GERD
  • Gas, bloating, indigestion
  • Leaky gut syndrome
  • Diverticulitis or diverticulosis, and much more

When you set up an appointment to talk with Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions, you will have the ability to address a wide range of digestive issues as well as the other problems that could be hidden beneath the surface. With a focus on customized treatment, you will get the guidance, therapies, and insight that you need to get your digestive system on track so that you can feel your best and get on a path to incredible wellness.

If you are looking to get some relief with natural digestive issue treatment in San Diego, call Holistic Solutions today at (866) 296-2305 for information.

Pain Management Treatment In Oceanside

pain management treatment in Oceanside

You know that you want to pain to stop that you have been experiencing, but you never want to feel as though you are a slave to conventional pain relief methods. With so many people becoming addicted to prescription painkillers today, there is a need for natural pain management treatment in Oceanside. The good news is that you have options available to you in the form of naturopathic care, hands-on healing, supplementation, and more.

When you take the initiative to go the naturopathic route, you will find that you have a variety of disciplines that will work together as a way to help you get the relief from pain that you have been longing for. With a focus on diet and lifestyle, mind-body medicine, and physical well-being, you will be well on your way to freedom from the pain that has been holding you back from doing all of the daily activities that you once took for granted.

The goal of naturopathic medicine for treating pain is to offer patient-focused care where you are in charge of your treatment options. You will work closely with a professional naturopath to discuss the pain that you are feeling to determine the exact cause and then treat the root of the issue instead of simply masking the pain with medications. When all is said and done, you will be well on your way to improved well-being and amazing quality of life, all without having to remain under the thumb of synthetic drugs.

There are a number of options that you will have when you work with a naturopath for the pain management treatment in Oceanside that you desire, including:

Mind-Body Medicine And Healing – When you are in pain, a natural response by the body is to contract muscles or hold your breath. What you need to know is that this simply makes the pain you are experiencing even worse. While working through mind-body medicine, you will learn a variety of techniques that will help you to breathe through the experience, which will help you to reduce the pain significantly. This is a wonderful method for not only helping you to manage the discomfort but to also minimize any stress associated with the chronic pain you are feeling.

Acupuncture – This is an option that has been praised for many years with all of the benefits for pain reduction. Placing needles strategically into specific points will help to release endorphins that act like a natural painkiller.

Dietary Planning – Believe it or not, there are countless foods and spices that are known to help with pain relief. You may also find that there are some trigger foods currently found in your regular diet that could be making your pain worse by causing unnecessary inflammation. Working with a naturopath will help you to understand a number of ways that you can boost your health and wellness while reducing pain by strategically planning a healthy diet.

You should be able to live your life pain-free the natural way. Call Holistic Solutions today at (866) 296-2305 for pain management treatment in Oceanside to learn all about these and many other methods that can be used to help you live a life that is pain-free.

Give Yourself A Much-Needed Boost With Vitamin Injections In Mission Beach

vitamin injections in Mission Beach

There is nothing worse than feeling run down and wishing that you had a way to get a boost that offers more energy. Even with the regular vitamin supplements that you take, it is not all that uncommon to have issues with absorption so that you are unable to get the results that you are looking for. When you take the time to visit your local naturopathic clinic, you will have all of the insight and help that you need with vitamin injections in Mission Beach to give you a much-needed boost.

Vitamin B Shots

The wonderful thing about the B vitamins is that they work to support the energy pathways located throughout the body. Such pathways help to fight off issues such as fatigue, anxiety, and depression. For the most part, people are not getting enough of the vitamin B12 that they need in their diets, making the shots a great way to get them the required amount. Given as intramuscular injections, the B shots will have vitamin B12 along with a B-vitamin complex and the addition of folic acid.

Why B12 Shots?

There are countless benefits that come from having vitamin B12 shots. The majority of patients that get regular vitamin injections will have better absorption and retention in their tissues which translates into support for the brain, nervous system, liver, and a much bigger boost of energy.

Why Injections In General?

When you have vitamin injections, it is both safe and natural. The injections are much more effective for absorption into the body than any of the oral supplements. Not only that, but the vitamins have the ability to be put to use wherever they are needed most. If you happen to be deficient in any number of vital nutrients in the body, you could feel run down and more susceptible to certain conditions. The injection therapy with a professional naturopath will help you to get on the path for rapid replenishment and feeling 100% like yourself once again.

The bottom line is that vitamins are magical for the body, mind, and soul. When they are injected, you will have an easier time looking and feeling your best. Many patients dealing with conditions like depression, macular degeneration, certain cancers, fibromyalgia, and more will find that vitamin injection therapy will help them with the infusion that they need to get up and take on each day with energy that is otherwise zapped from their system.

Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions is available to go over all of your needs to help you find the right balance with the injection therapy you need. Once you start on a path for the vital vitamins that your body seems to be missing, you will have the ability to face each day with energy and vitality.

Call Holistic Solutions today at (866) 296-2305 to learn more about boosting overall health and wellness with authentic vitamin injections in Mission Beach. You will be well on your way to feeling your best and getting the boost that you need of vitamins where traditional oral supplements have simply been failing.