Aging and Athletics

We have all sorts of natural medicines and injectables to enhance your athletic performance. This includes Vitamin, mineral, amino acid combination injectables to get you burning at peak. To increase circulation, burn fat and build muscle  call us about GAC. GAC is an amino acid injectable combination (L-glutamine, L-arginine, and L-carnitne) that gets the job done! We also test full panels of hormones to help you live a better, fitter, healthier life! We use Ipamorelin and Sermorelin which stimulate the production of growth hormone.

All programs are safe and valid comprehensive assessments of your hormonal and functional medicine state. The below are a few highlighted well-known examples.

Our athletic & performance age enhancing injectables start at $175 for one to two months.

These are extremely effective but much safer than growth hormone. Call to learn more.

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HGH Treatment Options

In a young and healthy body, HGH or (human growth hormone), is produced naturally to stimulate cells and tissue growth and is produced by the pituitary gland.

As we age, our hGH levels typically decrease and this can result in growth hormone deficiency with some unfortunate results, including loss of:

  • muscle mass
  • skin elasticity
  • effective and pain free joints
  • mental sharpness, and
  • sexual desire and performance, among other problems.

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Vitamin / Nutrient Injections

Vitamin injections (or nutrient injections) are a safe and effective way to give the body a boost of essential nutrients. Vitamin injections are more effective than taking oral supplements, because they can deliver higher amounts safely and allow them to be absorbed more easily into the blood where they can be put to work where they are needed most. For people who are already deficient on any number of vitamins or nutrients, injection therapy may be a route for more rapid replenishment.

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Bioidentical Hormones for Women

Several programs, including one on Oprah Winfrey, have created a new public awareness about Bio-identical hormones. As implied by its name, Bio-identical hormones have a structure, both biologically and chemically, that are identical to the hormones naturally made by the male or female human body.

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Low T for Men

In the US, millions of men experience decreases in testosterone levels each year, a condition known as hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is a common side effect of advancing age and can be diagnosed with a simple blood test that measures testosterone levels.

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Peptides For Anti-Aging & Wellness

Peptide are a very effective form of treatment. Being isolated as extracts found in your body. They serve a broad range of benefits among any one and as a group. Peptides have a number of functions, including the production of enzymes to help your body break down foreign substances, and create antibiotics for your immune system and hormones that control everything from growth to sexual development. Without peptides, life would not be possible.The following is a list of links to these powerful Healing medicines.

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Has your doctor told you that you don’t have hypothyroid? Do you recognize that all your symptoms present as hypothyroid with negative testing?

Thyroid in combination with other indicated hormones can produce a better response than thyroid alone. Dr. Dubroff’s extensive experience demonstrates a large proportion of patients presenting with fatigue as their main complaint actually have every symptom of hypothyroid without positive lab values (TSH, free T3 & T4). Furthermore, if thyroid auto-antibodies are tested, often these markers are elevated while the others are within reference range.

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