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Nutritional and Metabolic Considerations:

Sound medical treatment and preventive measures are of the utmost importance in neurological function.  Dementia is not just an age related condition. Nutrition has been shown by science to have a very significant affect. As well, there are a large number of targeted natural treatments all with convincing research.

The following are some examples of important physiology that in return suggest certain natural medical interventions. By no means is this a full discussion in this field of study: Research with humans indicates that calorie restriction modulates energy metabolism, reduces free-radical production, and alters endocrine function.  All of these have been shown to have significant affects on neurological decline. JAMA 2006;295:1539–1548.Brain tissue is very sensitive to oxidative_stress (OS). OS happens during any biochemical interactions within the body. The products of these reactions are called free radicals and the body needs readily supplied antioxidants to combat this byproduct of biochemistry. Without proper stores of antioxidants free radicals cause wear and tear to body tissues. Neurological decline in its many forms often has this common component. Successful treatment often first starts with assessing oxidative stress through medical testing.

Another common consideration is that as we get older our eating habits change and digestion becomes compromised by a number of mechanisms.The journal of the American medical association found that Metabolic_syndrome dramatically impaired neurological function. Metabolic syndrome is a host of indicators that suggest a poor metabolic state that leads to disease and degenerative changes. The journal of Gastroenterology in Sept of 2008 reported that 44% of individuals over 50 have this syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is best known as a precursor to heart disease and diabetes. Natural medicine is a superior medical choice for metabolic syndrome due to its lifestyle focus and it’s in depth understanding and application of natural medicines to biochemical processes.

35ac8abc26020b6ef9f0f602a48048d2One targeted mechanism in holistic neurology is enhancing the quality and function of neuronal cell membranes. There are a number of cell membrane components/mechanisms which when treated show significant improvements in symptoms. For instance fatty acid content, cell to cell communication and differing chemicals found within cell membranes all have their impacts on neurological function. Supporting a proper fatty acid balance alone can return significant improvements in function and protection.

Significant prevention is delivered through dietary and lifestyle modifications. There is considerable research to this effect and understanding these modifications is worth the consultation with a trained professional. Nutritional deficiencies alone have been indicated in 20% of cases of dementia. While the research is conflicted Just reading a book, playing games, crossword puzzles, board games, musical instruments, or dancing may all reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

There are many other considerations in determining the right treatment for any given case. Personalized medicine is the key to appropriate treatment.

A thorough history, followed by the appropriate diagnostic evaluation, along with lifestyle intervention and targeted natural medicines can have a remarkable impact on the care of neurological conditions.

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