Alzheimer Treatment In San Diego

Alzheimer is a form of dementia. Dementia refers to imbalances in brain, memory loss and behavioral changes interfering in common routine and daily life of the individual. For immediate and professional ALZHEIMER’S TREATMENT IN SAN DIEGO  refer to Dr.Dubroff of Holistic Solutions.
Alzheimer’s is known to occur in aging people though there are at least 6% below 65 years who suffer from this disease. During its early onset mild memory loss, difficulty in remembering recent events, absent mindedness and  sleep changes are experienced. As the disease progresses, serious symptoms are observed like increasingly aggressive behavior, inability to talk at length and the patient would not be able to recognize people or respond to surroundings.
The exact cause for Alzheimer condition is unclear, though genetic differences is considered to be one reason. Two fibers, namely Plaques and Tangles in the brain are believed in destroying the nerve cells resulting in breakdown of the normal functioning and ultimately causing this disease.
Dr.Durboff advises patients suffering from Alzheimer to incline more towards a healthy and fulfilling diet. Keep your table simple and include more fruits, vegetables, dairy products low in fat and whole grains. Try to avoid high cholesterol foods like lard, butter and meat.. Also abstain from refined sugars and high sodium levels by limiting the usage of salt in daily eaten foods.
Dr.Durboff understands the concerns and difficulties related to Alzheimer disease. While complete removal is not yet possible, there are ways to make the patient’s life better and healthier.
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