Alzheimers Treatment in Orange County

Alzheimers disease is a progressive disease that accounts for roughly 60 to 70 percent of cases of dementia in the elderly. Many people may associate Alzheimer’s with symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, language problems, and changes in behavior. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease with no known cure, but it is possible to arrest the symptoms with proper Alzheimers treatment in Orange County.

Alheizmers Treatment in Orange County

A common goal in Alzheimers disease treatment is to make the patient more comfortable, in addition to making it more manageable for family members and caregivers take care of the patient during suffering. Dr. Durboff at Holistic Solutions believes that a patient’s life can be made considerably happier and healthier.

A big factor that concerns Dr. Durboff is the diet of the patient who is suffering from Alzheimers. It is best to avoid foods that contained refined sugars and high sodium, with larger portions of high protein and fiber, including fresh meat and vegetables.

While the causes of Alzheimers disease are unclear, over time, Dr. Durboff has found that by partaking in a healthy diet, patients can ultimately feel better and be more comfortable, even when dealing with stressful events such as memory loss and forgetfulness.

Through safe practices using homeopathic medicine, Dr. Durboff is committed to helping patients feel better, with more manageable symptoms. Natural medicine can offer cutting edge technologies and safe strategies just as conventional medicine, but in a natural, safe, and effective way.

Prospective patients and their caregivers can receive more information about Alzheimers treatment in Orange County by giving Dr. Durboff at Holistic Solutions a call at (866) 296-2305, to schedule an appointment for a consultation or to receive services.