Are You Searching For Information On Contrave Weight Loss In Mission Beach?

Are You Searching For Information On Contrave Weight Loss In Mission Beach?

Countless options and fad dieting are two reasons why many people become overwhelmed and frustrated when trying to lose weight and keep it off. You may hear all about various prescription weight loss medications, but how can you tell which one is right for you and give you the safe, effective results you deserve? Working with a naturopathic professional to help with your weight loss journey and finding out about Contrave weight loss in Mission Beach is the best place to start.


Essentially, Contrave prescription weight loss is a combination of two known medications, which are bupropion hydrochloride and naltrexone hydrochloride. Within each of the extended-release tabs, there is:

  • 90 mg of bupropion, which is a type of aminoketone anti-depressant that is often used to help treat seasonal affective disorder and depression.
  • 8 mg of naltrexone, which is a type of opioid agonist often used to treat opioid dependence, dependence on alcohol, or as a smoking cessation treatment.

When these medications are combined, they can be beneficial for improving weight loss. The drug works by treating the central nervous system to help boost the calories burned while cutting back on appetite. When you work with a medical professional for the Contrave weight loss plan, the tablets are to be used in conjunction with an exercise program and a low-calorie diet.

There are certain restrictions on who can take part in a diet regimen using Contrave, including a woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding, someone who has uncontrolled high blood pressure, and more. It is always best to set up a consultation so that you can go through your medical history to determine if this prescription weight loss medication is right for you. Dr. Dubroff at Holistic Solutions is taking patients for consults if you are interested in learning about this potential next step in your wellness plan.

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