Arrhythmia Treatment

For some people, heart arrhythmia can be harmless and might require little or no treatment at all. Then there are other people who may have a more serious situation where their arrhythmia can be life threatening. If you are living with an arrhythmia, it is important that you look into all of your options for for alternative treatment. Depending on what your needs might be, you can even mix some alternative arrhythmia treatment in with regular visits to your traditional physician.

Arrhythmia Treatment In San Diego

With the help and guidance of Dr. Joe Dubroff and our professional staff at Holistic Solutions, we will be able to formulate a treatment plan for you that will give you all that you need to work on a healthier heart. Acupuncture could be used to prevent any abnormal heart rhythms while supplementation can give your body a boost of goodness.

Vitamin C has proven to be effective as a supplement both with colds and flu, but also with helping patients who are presenting with signs of arrhythmia. Omega 3 fatty acids have also been a great source of the heart healthy oils that your heart needs, with some patients showing an increase in heart health after taking a supplement for about 90 days.

By calling us at Holistic Solutions at (866) 296-2305 today, you will be set up with an initial consultation to help you start the process for healing. We have the staff and experience that you need to enjoy all natural arrhythmia treatment.  Whether you embark on a supplemental regimen, dietary changes, massage or acupuncture, you are going to find that the all natural way is the best way to go for a healthier heart and overall wellness.

“Having recently met this wonderful man and had great interactions, I am happy to say I can recommend his consciousness. It is obvious he is a man of deep caring, both personally and professinally, and expertise in natural medicine is evident.”

-Holly Hill