Autism Treatment In Chula Vista To Go With Conventional Therapies

Autism Treatment In Chula Vista

If you have a family member with autism, you are probably learning just how beneficial it can be to look for alternative therapies to complement the conventional options available today. Naturopathic autism treatment in Chula Vista will give you all of the insight and assistance you need to get your loved one on a great path.

Alternative and complementary medicine, often called integrative medicine, is a type of approach that has been used by many families who are coping with autism. There is research showing that a good number of children who are on the spectrum have been successful when using either complementary or alternative treatment therapies. The more that you know about the natural options that can be used in conjunction with traditional therapies, the easier it will be for you to come up with a well-rounded plan for your loved one with autism.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids – These are essential for the body, especially when it comes to brain function and development. Studies have shown findings that supplements of omega 3s can help to reduce some of the symptoms of autism, including hyperactivity and repetitive behavior while also helping to improve social skills.

Melatonin – Many youths who struggle with autism also have a range of sleep disorders, with insomnia being one of the more common problems. The sleep issues will also impact adults who have autism, which makes this an important area to be addressed. Melatonin is often brought up as a complementary therapy to help regulate the sleep cycles.

Dietary Changes – There are a lot of parents working with their autistic children who are finding a dramatic improvement in behavior when choosing a diet that is free of both gluten and casein. When it comes to such a diet modification, great results have been shown for parents cutting back on casein found in dairy products as well as gluten that is found in barley, rye, and wheat.

Nutritional Supplementation – Many findings point to children with autism being deficient when it comes to a number of nutrients. A quality daily vitamin can be an option that is both safe and effective for people of any age, but especially those that may not be getting a well-rounded diet for one reason or another.

Working with a professional naturopath will help you to not only have a better understanding of the condition and all of the symptoms but also the best way to help treat your child. This is a condition where a targeted and tailored approach will always be the best way, which is what the basis of naturopathy is founded on. Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions will be happy to talk with you during an initial consultation about the many options for treating autistic patients. This treatment is completely tailored to the patient’s needs to come up with a good path for treatment in conjunction with conventional therapies for the best possible results.

You do have options when it comes to autism treatment in Chula Vista. Call Holistic Solutions today at (866) 296-2305 to learn about the naturopathic approach to autism therapies.