Autism Treatment in Newport Beach

A child diagnosed with a disorder on the autism spectrum may feel isolated and alone without proper treatment. Common symptoms associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) include behavioral changes, problems with socialization, problems communicating, and problems fulfilling daily tasks. If symptoms are not arrested, often children needing treatment may act out, and be completely misunderstood. Holistic Solutions is committed to providing the best autism treatment in Newport Beach, when conventional treatment methods have failed. Here we practice safe, yet effective treatment methods in the field of naturopathy.

Autism Treatment in Newport Beach

A naturopathic physician is a licensed physician, merely one practicing a different field of medicine than a garden variety M.D. Unconventional methods have long been proven effective for mental health diagnoses such as Alzheimer’s, autism, and other mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Two factors that can affect autism symptoms, especially in children, include environmental toxicity and immune system disorders. Conventional medicine often neglect to test for these two issues, thereby not preventing a wide range of autism spectrum symptoms.

Part of our treatment plan for autism spectrum disorder includes testing for toxicity and immune disorders, in addition to supplying autism test diagnostics, ASD-directed nutritional intervention, post-vaccination treatment, and naturopathic treatments geared specially for each child. After a consultation of appointment, our resident expert Dr. Dubroff can better tailor a treatment plan and goals for each patient.

Here at Holistic Solutions we understand autism can be tough on both parent and child. For more information about autism treatment in Newport Beach, call Dr. Dubroff at Holistic Solutions at (866) 296-2305 to speak with an experienced and professional staff member. We want to see all of our clients and patients lead high-functioning, happy, and fulfilled lives.