Bioidentical Hormone Treatment in Orange County

Women in menopause understand how difficult it can be to cope with fluctuating hormones on a daily basis. At Holistic Solutions we offer access to bioidentical hormone treatment in Orange County so that women who are in menopause have a safe and natural means to improve the way they feel each day as they go through this inevitable phase of their life.

Bioidentical Hormone Treatment in Orange County


Women in their 40s and 50s know that aging isn’t necessarily fun, and that even though the process is slow, hormone changes can affect the way you feel and act. Whether you are struggling with hot flashes or osteoporosis, Dr. Dubroff of Holistic Solutions has a natural treatment program to help ease these symptoms of aging and help feel youthful again.

Using bioidentical hormone therapy, which is a safe treatment method designed to mimic the hormones of the body to make aging simple. But, bio-identicals are not the only treatment options available! Dr. Dubroff also provides patients with assistance in dietary changes and lifestyle changes that can help to improve their lifestyle and the way they feel, even as time progresses. Age doesn’t have to change the way Holistic Solutions patients live their lives.

It is important to keep in mind that bioidentical hormone treatment isn’t simply aiding women to improve the symptoms of aging. In fact, many men are treated by Holistic Solutions for all of their aging woes too!

For access to affordable bioidentical hormone treatment in Orange County trust in Holistic Solutions. Contact us at one of our two locations, San Diego & Carlsbad at (679)272-2133 or in Newport Beach & Mission Viejo at (866) 296-2305. Let us help you through menopause!