Cardiology in Mission Viejo

Searching for a cardiologist is an important decision, and should be given a lot of thought. Patients need a doctor that is going to be attentive to their needs, while also practicing sound and ethical medicine. Here at Holistic Solutions, we are experts at cardiology in Mission Viejo, and are committed to providing our patients with excellent care. Specializing in the field of neuropathy, our resident doctor Dr. Dubroff is also an expert in many other fields of medicine, including primary care and cardiology.

Cardiology in Mission Viejo

It is important to remember that a naturopathic provider is also a licensed M.D. He or she simply specializes in the field of naturopathy, and prefers to use more natural treatments and healing medicines. Naturopathy has long been proven effective when compared to more conventional types of treatment.

For those at risk for heart disease, one of the first things that the doctor will do is to prescribe a change in diet. Foods high in fat, cholesterol, and salt are especially bad for those with or at risk for heart disease. Sugary foods full of carbohydrates are also not healthy options. Patients should eat a diet that is high in fiber, with leafy greens, fruits, whole grains, lean meats and low fat dairy. Most patients should also engage in high-impact exercise several times per week, limit alcohol, and quit smoking.

After the first consultation, the doctor can tailor a more precise treatment plan for each patient. Depending on risk factors, some other treatments may be in order for optimal health.

For more information about cardiology in Mission Viejo, or to schedule an appointment or consultation, call Holistic Solutions today at (866) 296-2305. Our patients and friendly staff is ready to get all of our patients back on the road to heart-healthy happiness.