Cardiology in San Diego

Cardiology in San DiegoThe heart is by far the most important muscle in the human body. The term “cardio” is a Greek word that refers to the heart. Cardiology in San Diego is the branch of medicine that revolves around heart health and studying the various aspects of the heart.

The main focus of cardiology is on how the heart functions and its many anatomical abilities and features. As well as some of the many physiological aspects too. Disorders that are in the heart tend to lead to cardiovascular disease as well as heart disease. Cardiovascular disease has been confirmed to be the leading cause of death.

A cardiologist is a doctor that has been specifically trained in the area of the heart. They study and diagnose disorders and diseases that occur within the hearts of both adults and children. A pediatric cardiologist is assigned specifically in working with children and the various disorders and diseases in their small and fragile hearts.

The heart is an important muscle that has the job of pumping blood throughout the rest of the body in a process called systemic circulation. It also pumps blood through the lungs, which is another process called pulmonary circulation. This pumping is created by the squeezing of the heart muscle. The heart is a vital part of the entire body.

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