Classical Homeopathy Treatment in San Diego

 classical homeopathy treatment in San DiegoClassical Homeopathy has existed for hundreds of years, over this time it has developed in to an extremely effective method for treating a broad variety of diseases and illnesses. At Holistic Solutions we offer a classical homeopathy treatment in San Diego as is in line with our philosophy that in order to treat symptoms, it is first necessary to treat the underlying causes.

During a period of over two hundred years homeopathy has developed in to a precise science, however all the knowledge which has accumulated over this period to help patients requires a large amount of time and dedication to learn.

The key to successful homeopathic treatment is accounting for all the needs of an individual. In this sense it differs from mainstream medicine in two ways. Firstly homeopathy takes in to consideration every aspect of the patient’s constitution, factors like age, personality, sleep patterns and environment are all accounted for along with many others.

In this way the homeopathic treatment we offer at Holistic Solutions can be tailored to our individual patients.

The second difference between homeopathy and mainstream medicine is that while conventional medicine will take a very shallow look at the symptoms of a disease to try and treat them, homeopathy deals with the underlying causes. This leads to long lasting solutions for health problems rather than a continual reliance on taking a multitude of different medicinal drugs every day to try and counteract reoccurring symptoms.

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