Concierge Medicine

It is often hard for a patient to find a great doctor; when they do, they can breathe a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, with excellent doctors, it may be tough to get appointment times that are convenient for the patient, and sometimes the doctor is so rushed the patient may feel as if they are not getting enough adequate attention. Finding the perfect mixture of a doctor who practices medicine with the highest standards and has ample time can be really difficult.

Concierge Medicine

At Holistic Solutions, we are committed to providing the best service with all of the attention a patient needs. Dr. Joe Dubroff is a primary care and naturopathic physician at Holistic Solutions, who devotes his time, night and day to his clients.

While other doctors may rush patients out of the examining room, Dr. Dubroff gives every patient the time they need, with an expert treatment plan that is tailored and crafted for every patient after the first visit. For those experiencing problems with Alzheimer’s, autism, menopause, obesity, pain, fatigue, GERD, and even varicose veins, Dr. Dubroff and his staff of professionals are there to help.

As a provider of concierge medicine, we provide superior care at reasonable rates. We always welcome new patients. For a more personal touch, Dr. Dubroff accepts emergency calls at any time, day or night. If a patient experiences an emergency on the weekend, they are provided with a number to be able to reach the doctor as soon as possible. So he can keep in contact with patients and their needs at all hours, the doctor even accepts text messages to help patients with questions, or through an emergency or crisis. We believe quality care shouldn’t cost you more money. That is why our concierge medicine has no additional cost.

At Holistic Solutions, we value patient care above all else, and want our patients to be happy and healthy at all times. For more information about Holistic Solutions, naturopathy, concierge medicine, or Dr. Dubroff himself, patients in the Orange County area can call (949)444-4984 and those in the San Diego area may contact (866) 296-2305.