Contrave Weight Loss In Carlsbad

Contrave Weight Loss In Carlsbad

Did you know that if you are trying to lose weight and you want to be able to keep it off, your brain just might be working against you? The good news is that you may be able to enjoy Contrave weight loss in Carlsbad to help you in your weight loss goals. All you have to do is find the right medical professional to give you the information and prescription that you need.

Many people already know that losing weight can be quite the battle. To add to that, keeping the weight off can also be just as much of a struggle. It goes without saying that weight loss is a process that is often complicated. What you need to know is that there could be some signals in your brain that are keeping you from realizing your weight loss goals. There are two areas of the human mind that control both hunger and cravings.

Hypothalamus – this is known as the hunger center in the brain. When specific neurons are activated within the hypothalamus, it can either work to reduce hunger or trigger hunger. The POMC neurons are responsible for reducing hunger.

Mesolimbic Reward System – this is known as the area for feeling pleasure when you are involved in some rewarding experience, including eating. Even if you are merely thinking about foods that are rich in salt, sugar or fats, there can be a stimulation that releases the neurotransmitter known as dopamine.

Over a period, the brain will look to repeat those eating experiences that were rewarding. This is how the cravings begin.  Within the Mesolimbic Reward System, there can be cravings that develop even when you are not hungry.

Contrave works in a way to regulate these cravings and triggers within the brain so that you are not feeling hungry and you are not having the cravings that cause you to reach for unnecessary foods. When you bring this medication together with a proper diet and exercise regimen, the Contrave weight loss plan is one that can be very beneficial for adults who want to get back on a path to a healthy weight and then keep that weight off.

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