Contrave Weight Loss In Escondido

Contrave Weight Loss In Escondido

There is no reason why you should feel as though you are involved in a losing battle when it comes to weight loss. You find yourself having regular cravings for food, even when you are not hungry. The chances are good that you may have already tried a wide variety of diet plans, various pills, and exercise routines only to get limited results. If you want to dive further into what may be causing the cravings so that you can finally cut the excessive eating, Contrave weight loss in Escondido may be your answer.

What Is Contrave Weight Loss?

Basically speaking, Contrave is a pill that brings together two powerful medications known for treating depression and addiction. This medication forms a potent one-two punch that allows people to target the areas of the brain that seem to be working against them with their weight loss efforts.

Imagine what it would be like to go throughout the day without having cravings to reach for empty calories filled with fats, sugars, and salt. Adults that take Contrave and take part in a smart plan that involves a proper diet and exercise routine can see a decent amount of weight loss. This is a prescription weight loss drug that has shown incredible results, with many patients enjoying about two to four times more weight loss than they would with only diet and exercise.

How Can I Try Contrave?

It is important that you work with a health professional that you can trust when looking to start taking Contrave for weight loss. At Holistic Solutions, Dr. Joseph Dubroff has the ability to not only prescribe Contrave to patients, but you will also enjoy one on one guidance and all of the information that you need to formulate a path for successful and long-lasting weight loss. As a professional naturopath, Dr. Dubroff holds the answers on why a balance of traditional medicine and natural therapies work in unison to help create optimum wellness. If you have been trying to lose weight with little or no lasting results, Contrave weight loss may be just the answer that you are looking for.

If you would like more information on the benefits of Contrave weight loss in Escondido, call Dr. Joseph Dubroff today at Holistic Solutions at (866) 296-2305.