Contrave Weight Loss In Oceanside

Contrave Weight Loss In Oceanside

Even if you have tried a number of diets and weight loss plans, you should know that you do have options available to you for losing the weight that you have been struggling with. Many people have been enjoying Contrave weight loss in Oceanside and this could also be the answer that you are looking for.

Unlike other medications or diet plans, Contrave is a medication that does not work inside the stomach to try to quell cravings. Instead, this medication is a combination of both the antidepressant that is known as Wellbutrin and the anti-addiction drug known as naltrexone. These work together on the hypothalamus in the brain that works to regulate body temperature, appetite and the manner in which the body uses energy.

Studies had already shown how people that are taking Wellbutrin often see a good amount of weight loss. However, once the effect wears off, it is not all that uncommon to gain the weight back. When mixes with naltrexone, people have the ability to trigger the brain to cut cravings and reduce the amount of food intake. The result is body weight that decreases and then is easier to maintain over a long period of time.

However, despite the amazing results that come along with the use of Contrave for weight loss, there can be some side effects. This is why it is available only by prescription and you need to work with a health professional that you trust to give you the guidance and information that you need. Some of the more common side effects include nausea, constipation, and headaches.

With just one call to Dr. Joseph Dubroff at Holistic Solutions, you can be well on your way to a better understanding of your body and how Contrave could be the answer that you have been looking for in terms of weight loss and your wellness journey. This is the best way for you to get the results that you are looking for so that you can not only lose weight and cut out the food cravings but also keep the weight off into the future.

If you would like more information on the benefits of Contrave weight loss in Oceanside, call Dr. Joseph Dubroff today at Holistic Solutions at (866) 296-2305 and get a time for an initial consultation.