Digestive & Gastroenterology Treatment in San Diego

Digestive Issue Treatment in San DiegoDigestive issues are commonplace in today’s society. At Holistic Solutions we offer an alternative digestive and gastroenterology treatment in San Diego by treating the underlying issue rather than the symptoms.

There are many causes of digestive issues in our stomachs, most notably diet.   Unknown food allergies are the most common source of inflammation and disease in the gut.   Dr. Joseph Dubroff uses natural treatments to restore a digestive tract to its natural balance.

Our digestive system is the location of 70% of our immune system and so is the first to go on defense when attacked.  Doing a test for food allergies such as dairy, nuts, wheat and vegetables to name a few and reviewing the immune and inflammatory responses helps us determine how to adjust one’s diet to start an elimination process.

Diet isn’t the only cause of digestive issues.   Often medications, even those mild ones used to soothe digestive discomfort or heartburn, can throw off the delicate balance of the gut causing more problems in the long run.  Dr. Durboff will work to either replace a medication with a natural alternative or boost the compromised gut with a digestive herb or enzyme, to correct an imbalance quickly.

The digestive tract does a remarkable job in our bodies and acts as its own little microcosm of flora to help digestion of food and pulling the nutrients from that food to fuel the body.   Maintaining a healthy balance of this flora is vital to avoiding digestive issues.  Probiotics provided by Holistic Solutions and a fiber rich diet can bring balance back to the gut.

Detecting aggravations to a digestive tract is only part of the solution. Modifying the diet and nourishing the existing flora back to a healthy balance in a natural, gentle manner is how Holistic Solutions provides natural digestive and gastroenterology  treatment in San Diego.  Call today for an appointment (866) 296-2305.