Digestive System Treatment In San Diego & Orange County

Dealing with digestive issues can be a difficult battle. You may have been suffering for a while with no end in sight. That’s where Holistic Solutions can come in. Here, you will find various treatments, including our digestive system treatment in San Diego & Orange County. With peptide therapy and hormone replacements, Dr. Dubroff can help bring your body back into normal alignment.

Why Hormones?

The hormones in your digestive system are polypeptides that help with various systems and movement in the body. For example, these hormones are responsible for GI motility, absorption, development, growth and are found in the central and enteric nervous systems. If they are unbalanced, you can suffer from a variety of GI issues.

Issues Hormones Help

There are several diseases and conditions that hormone therapy can help. Several of those include:

  • Fistulas
  • Ulcers
  • IBS

Holistic Solutions Is Here To Help!

Working with the doctor and staff can allow you to find the perfect hormone treatment for all of your digestive issues. Through a free consultation, Dr. Dubroff will evaluate the situation, discuss your concerns and goals, and create a therapy plan. When you come for assistance, you are treated like the patient you are, not just another disease. Dr. Dubroff provides compassionate, holistic care to get you back to living an active and healthy life.

Don’t continue to suffer from gastrointestinal issues on your own. But, you don’t have to “deal with it.” Instead, call Holistic Solutions at (866) 296-2305 to discuss the option for digestive system treatment in San Diego & Orange County. Dr. Dubroff looks forward to the opportunity to assist you in getting your life back to normal.