Digging Deeper Into The Benefits Of Hydrogen Peroxide IV Treatment


Digging Deeper Into The Benefits Of Hydrogen Peroxide IV Treatment

Antibiotics have long been known for killing harmful and good bacteria throughout the intestinal tract. At Holistic Solutions, Dr. Dubroff is offering alternatives to traditional medicine that can treat various issues without the adverse side effects of other methods. Hydrogen Peroxide IV therapy is now available in Carlsbad.

How the IV Therapy Works

When a patient receives Hydrogen Peroxide infusions, the H2O2 enters the circulatory system through a vein. The human body already produces this odorless, clear liquid as a byproduct of cellular metabolism. This IV therapy can help naturally prevent pulmonary issues, colds, sinus infections, and more.

Once inside the bloodstream, the H2O2 can turn bio-waste products and other toxins into a static substance. This makes it so the liver and kidneys can remove harmful substances from the body. Treatment times will often vary depending on the patient and health goals.

Understanding the Benefits of H2O2 IV Therapy

Along with an integrative treatment approach, Hydrogen Peroxide IV therapy can help treat the whole body. Some of the benefits of this unique IV therapy include the following:

  • Increases the amount of oxygen in the tissues
  • Removes toxins and biological waste
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Breaks down harmful plaque deposits
  • Clears the lungs by dissolving mucus
  • Prevents fungal, viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections

It is always important to find a medical professional familiar with H2O2 preparations and who offers pharmaceutical grade IV solutions. Dr. Dubroff is a trained naturopath with all the experience and knowledge necessary to help you select the perfect IV treatments to meet your health and wellness goals. If you are interested in the power of Hydrogen Peroxide therapies, it is time to schedule an appointment soon!

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