Food Allergy Testing in San Diego

Food Allergy Testing in San DiegoWhen it comes to health, there is no such thing as being too careful. Holistic Solutions health specialists know that a simple medical test could help prevent any health complications related to food allergies. Something that many people do not know is that the majority of the immune system is based in the digestive tract. This helps explain why so many allergic reactions are caused by food. For professional Food Allergy Testing in San Diego, contact Holistic Solutions today.

There are about twenty types of food that generally cause allergic reactions in most people. Food allergy tests at Holistic Solutions will help locate any type of sensitivity to food, in order to make any diet adjustments necessary in a natural and healthy way.

Holistic Solutions can help patients with any questions, comments, or concerns circling any sorts of allergy complications you may or may not have and identify what the specific issue may be.

Dr. Joseph Dubroff is a certified Naturopathic doctor who has extensive training in natural therapeutic diets and biochemistry.

Homeopathic, nutritional, and herbal treatments are available to all of our clients and patients. All of our treatments will allow a safe and natural approach to any allergic reactions or concerns of the like.

For more information regarding our Food Allergy Testing in San Diego services, contact Holistic Solutions today at (866) 296-2305 in order to schedule your appointment.