Classical Homeopathy

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Classical Homeopathy is a truly magnificent medicine!

Dr. Dubroff  has seen so many curative responses from conditions that conventional medicine says there are no cures for.

A true homeopathic doctor must be well acquainted with the classical system and practice of homeopathy.  This study is no small endeavor. It takes a true love of the process, as it will not bring the riches of surgeons or constant pharmaceuticals. The passion of homeopathy is to bring a cure; to see an end to suffering.  There simply are not great riches if you can’t keep your patients in the waiting room.

The Best Proof Is In The Pudding, Isn’t It?

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These individuals were only treated with a single homeopathic remedy.  These are not uncommon results!
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History, research and homeopathy explained

The homeopathic system is very different from the conventional system.  Where conventional medicine looks to oppose and band aide your symptoms through opposite treatments.   Such as depression/antidepressants and stomach acid/antacids.  The problem with this is it generally is only curative with acute health concerns such as infection and few others.  The reason is clear with a little thought.

If the body is failing to restore health it is due to poor lifestyle, genetics or diminished and or excessive responses.  A truly genetic consideration would be mental retardation. An all to common example of excessive response would be chronic inflammation.  An example of a diminished response would being chronically tired/fatigued.

If you believe that the body can heal the question becomes how.  Homeopathy says the nature of disease is the real issue.  But the nature of disease isn’t visible, it is only known by the presentation of symptoms.  The complete investigation into symptoms and all effects upon the system will allow a very specific medicine to target the disease and allow a restoration of health.  To understand the full presentation of all symptoms suggests the hidden nature of the disease.

The idea is to stimulate the body to heal using medicines specifically chosen to match the complete presentation of your symptoms and your personal constitution. Here constitution is represented by your general physiology such as sleep patterns, Tissue affinities (i.e. genetic strengths and weaknessess), Hormonal function (ex: menstruation), Sensorial/environmental responses (ex: Weather aggravations/ameliorations, noises/smell acute).  Last but not least the constitution this is similar to your personality.

The idea is to find a medicine that resonates with not only your complaints but your constitution as well.

The Strength of Homeopathy:is that it offers the sick something that the conventional system can’t. Conventional medicine works in opposites: depression and anti-depressants, stomach acid and antacids, etc. A homeopathic doctor looks to direct the bodies healing potential through like cures like. This process stimulates a gentle, effective healing reaction within the individual. the dosing of the medicine is often very minimal and therefor of not any appeciable cost. Homeopathic doctors are arguably the safest doctors medicine has to offer. Clearly one of the safest choices for young children, pregnancy and the entire family

Hahnemann Memorial at Scott Circle, Washington DC Samuel Hahnemann 1841
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Homeopathy Today

  • 200 + years of homeopathic research and clinical experience.
  • All of homeopathic research has been safely carried out on human populations.
  • Practiced in 65 countries by over 400,000 physicians.
  • India has 120 4-5 year homeopathic teaching hospitals and 100,000 homeopathic physicians .
  • There are 5 homeopathic hospitals with in the national health system in England.
  • 42% of British physicians have referred patients to homeopathic doctors.(British Medical Journal, June 7th, 1986,292:1498-1500)
  • 36% of the French population use homeopathy. 70% of French physicians consider homeopathy effective. (IFOP-public survey, 1993.)
  • 10% of German physicians specialize in homeopathy.
(Marketing herbal and homeopathic remedies in Germany. Essex, England: Nicholas Hall, July 1992.)
Homeopathy for two hundred years has developed its own research to help the homeopathic doctor find relief for the public. Thousands of substances have been examined and re-examined to discover their usefulness in medicine. Homeopathic doctors find in the majority of medicines must be personalized to the individual’s presentation.
The end result is that no two people experience any given medical condition in exactly the same way. For a homeopathic doctor it’s the differences in individual presentations of similar conditions that dictate the administration of medicines.
 This means that while the common symptoms are of importance they are not all that is maintaining the disharmony which now expresses as pathological or functional disease. Homeopathic doctors do not associate upon a single symptom, instead they focus on the total symptom picture, the cause of the concern and the characteristics of the imbalances with in the individual.
 When research is focused with a true homeopathic doctor using individualized medicines we see fantastic clinical results. Research meta-analysis is when researchers look at many studies to consider all the evidence on a subject. The following is a meta-analysis of studies demonstrating individualized medicines from homeopathic doctors.

British Medical Journal. February 9, 1991.

  • 1991 Meta-analysis individualized homeopathic medicines.
  • 107 clinical studies of the last 25 years
  • 81 Showed effective, 24 not effective, 2 inconclusive.
  • 13 out of 19 tests showed successful cure in cases of upper respiratory tract infection.
  • 6 out of 7 tests showed positive results in the treatment of other infections.
  • 6 out of 7 tests showed improvement in affections of the digestive apparatus.
  • 5 out of 5 tests showed successful cure of spring allergy.
  • 5 out of 7 showed faster recovery after intra-abdominal surgical operation.
  • 4 out of 6 helped the cure of rheumatologic diseases.
  • 18 out of 20 showed benefit in the treatment of pain or trauma.
  • 8 out of 10 showed positive results in the relief of mental problems.
  • 13 out of 15 showed benefit in the cure of various diseases.

Advocates of Homeopathic Medicine

  • Gandhi + Mother Theresa
  • Darwin might not have been healthy enough to have written ‘Origin of   Species’ without the homeopathic and water-cure treatments that he    received from Dr. James Manby Gully (according to Darwin’s own letters).
  • At least eleven American Presidents used homeopathic medicines or sponsored legislation to allow homeopathic practice (Lincoln, Tyler,  Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Harrison, McKinley, Coolidge, Harding, Hoover, & Clinton)…and two British Prime Ministers (Disraeli and Tony Blair).
  • The English Royal Family
  • Mark Twain, J.D. Salinger, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Goethe, Sir Arthur Doyle
  • Paul Macartney, George Harrison, Robert Schumann, Fredric Chopin, Pete Townsend, Dizzy Gillespie, Axel Rose.
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