Healthy Living, Healthy Lifestyle through Naturopathy


Aches and pains throughout all areas of the body, stomach upset, excessive weight gain or loss, headaches and visual signs of premature aging are often indicators of the frenetic pace of our lives today.

At the first sign of one of these problems, we usually first think of consulting a medical provider rather than seeking an alternative solution. Conventional medicine does offer some relief from these and other ailments but these treatments are typically temporary and rarely address the sources of the issue.

Naturopathic medicine, however, provides healing which takes advantage of the body’s remarkable ability to heal itself. Toxic chemicals are not required. Holistic Solutions, led by Dr. Joseph Dubroff, has specially trained staff who are equipped to help you heal your body through use of homeopathy, specific nutrition guidelines that meet your own particular needs and use of vitamins that promote healthy living.

Our clinic has extensive experience with holistic hormonal management techniques that can supply relief for age related maladies, including menopause and low testosterone. We utilize natural or bio-identical hormones with Ayurvedic herbs in small measures to effectively restore your hormonal balance.

Holistic Solutions is pleased to provide holistic pain management to alleviate chronic pain. We have found great success with osteopathic manipulation, or correcting neuromuscular imbalances that have developed through degeneration or injury. Our prolotherapy services stimulate the body’s natural regenerative process for deteriorated ligaments, cartilage and tendons.

To achieve a healthy lifestyle in the most natural way possible, call Holistic Solutions at (866) 296-2305 to schedule a confidential appointment for a naturopathy consultation. We can help you to achieve success in all areas of your life with naturopathic solutions.