High Cholesterol Treatment and Issues with Statin Drugs

cholesterol treatment in Orange County and San DiegoHigh cholesterol is a common concern for many individuals in today’s society. Some people are predisposed to the condition while others suffer the unfortunate result of eating fatty foods and leading an inactive lifestyle. High cholesterol is a serious concern as it blocks blood flow to the arteries, therefore damaging the heart and increasing the potential for strokes and heart attacks. Holistic Solutions provides naturopathic high cholesterol treatment in Orange County and San Diego and can help.

Statin drugs reduce cholesterol levels with strong chemicals that have severe side effects. Among these are memory loss, sexual dysfunction, headache, muscle pain, fever and liver damage. Holistic Solutions has a better way. We can effectively and safely lower your high cholesterol by utilizing natural and less harsh methods.

Naturopathy involves care of the person as a whole without the use of harmful toxins and resulting side effects. It encourages your body to heal itself naturally.

Dr. Dubroff with Holistic Solutions will help your body regulate cholesterol production and restore its natural balance with an individualized diet plan, exercise program, weight loss regimen and a series of herbs, vitamins and nutritional supplements that have no harmful side effects which yeild excellent results.

For assistance with high cholesterol treatment in Orange County and San Diego, call Holistic Solutions at (866) 296-2305 in Newport Beach and Mission Viejo or at (866) 296-2305 in San Diego and Carlsbad. Let us help you achieve better health in a drug-free, non-invasive natural manner.