Hormone Treatment in San Diego

Hormone Treatment in San DiegoHormone Treatment in San Diego was at the forefront of treatment for symptoms of perimenopause in the late 1990s.  By 2002 the joy of a rejuvenated life came crashing down as studies were beginning to appear telling the world that the hormone treatments were linked to cancer.  Their life renewal came to a halt.  Pharmacies would not renew prescriptions and doctors stopped prescribing the hormones.  Thousands of women all over the country were sent back to the dark dungeons of menopause symptoms.

Stories like this make the service of Holistic Solutions that much more important.  Naturopathic Medicine cares for the whole patient and uses more than one type of treatment.  Dr. Joseph Dubroff believes in treating the entire patient with appropriate eating habits, exercise, stress management and herbs as part of the treatment plan.

The body has systems that control its functions.  Adrenal systems, pituitary glands, thyroid, are among the glands that can cause the body to go haywire.  Traditional medicine throws pills at the patient which often leads to serious side effects and sometimes death.  The treatments provided at Holistic Solutions only use hormone treatments that are natural based and work the same just like the hormones made by the body.

Naturopathic Hormone Treatments are not magic potions that instantly return you to normal balance, but are long term treatments for lifetime health.  Any treatment should begin with an examination by a doctor to understand the problem and work with the patient for a holistic plan.

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