How a San Diego Naturopathic Doctor Can Help

If you are suffering from a chronic illness, there is an alternative treatment option that relies upon your body’s own natural tendencies for healing and is facilitated by a San Diego naturopathic doctor. This type of primary care physician has received medical training with the addition of specialized education in nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, counseling and chiropractic manipulation.

Naturopathic medicine is not only enormously effective, but has been in part of life throughout the world for hundreds of years. This methodology is highly successful for treatment of all types of issues, including but not limited to joint and muscle pain, allergies, sciatica, arthritis and migraines.

The objective of a naturopathic doctor is to encourage holistic wellness by generating a totally adapted and comprehensive strategy for your complete health that includes your emotional and physical well-being, diet and lifestyle.

San Diego Naturopathic Doctor Can Help

The achievement of a detailed personal assessment that comprises diagnostic analysis is required to define the best path of action for controlling your disease or ailment.

Rather than prescribing theoretically dangerous medications with an extensive list of side effects and the possibility of aggressive surgery with lengthy recovery periods, naturopathic doctors rely on remedies that may encompass use of herbs, vitamins, minerals, acupuncture, exercise, dietary modification and lifestyle coaching to boost your body’s own self-restorative and stress-reducing capabilities.

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