Hypothyroidism and Thyroid Treatments in San Diego

hypothyroidism and thyroid treatments in San DiegoUnexplained fatigue and weight gain are common symptoms of a malfunctioning thyroid.  The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck that regulates energy and metabolism.   Holistic Solutions offers gentle and natural hypothyroidism and thyroid treatments in San Diego.

In order to determine if a patient is suffering from hypothyroidism or any other thyroid issue, Dr. Dubroff, a highly trained holistic naturopath will perform diagnostic testing and assessment to determine if thyroid is the cause.

Treating the symptoms is a short term goal while reestablishing balance in a gentle, natural manner is the goal of Holistic Solutions.   Looking at contributing dietary factors, inflammation and checking the health of the gut is part of the holistic approach to reestablishing thyroid balance.

Dietary changes are the first step to balancing thyroid health.  Eliminating foods that hinder the production of healthy levels of the thyroid stimulating hormones is the first step while the second is to introduce foods that boost said levels is one gentle approach to bringing balance.

Finding unknown food allergies that cause immune inflammation reactions in the gut is also critical as the gut is responsible for 20% of proper thyroid function.  Adding probiotics and nutrients to a diet that feed both the gut and thyroid will naturally restore proper thyroid hormone levels.

Holistic health is more than treating a symptom.  Dr. Dubroff’s holistic approach takes not only the physical but the spiritual and mental aspects into consideration.  Stress, depression or anxiety all play roles in thyroid health.  Stress creates a dump of hormones which the body can’t handle in large quantities.  The thyroid, especially in women is more often where the effects of stress appear; therefore he thoroughly checks all systems to rebuild thyroid balance.

27 million Americans suffer from thyroid issues.  Holistic Solutions provides holistic hypothyroidism and thyroid treatments in San Diego with a holistic approach that takes into consideration the entire body not just the thyroid, to recreate the balance needed to maintain proper thyroid health.   Contact us for a thyroid check today (866) 296-2305