Hypothyroidism Elevated Blood Cholesterol Level Treatment In Orange County

Hypothyroidism Elevated Blood Cholesterol Level Treatment In Orange County

Hypothyroidism is a condition that is related to an underactive thyroid gland that is not able to properly make, or release, thyroid hormones. Your thyroid gland works to release many important hormones that make their way through your bloodstream to reach receptors in the body. Any disturbance to this function can lead to noticeable widespread health issues. If you are someone who is not all about conventional medicine and heavy medications, you may be looking for help with natural hypothyroidism elevated blood cholesterol level treatment in Orange County.

There happen to be millions of people in the United States who have elevated cholesterol levels, who may not realize that this is due to thyroid problems that have gone un-diagnosed. High cholesterol is something the impacts about half of the population of the United States alone and happens to be a contributor to heart disease.

If you have elevated cholesterol as a result of hypothyroidism, you do have options through naturopathy. For those seeking natural help, there are treatments that you can blend together seamlessly with traditional medicine for a powerful impact on your overall health. With Holistic Solutions, you have the chance at a fully customized treatment plan that will leave you feeling better, lowering your cholesterol and being your absolute best.

With natural remedies and naturopathy, the goal is to help fix the root cause of the thyroid issue. Problems with thyroid can sometimes begin as the result of stress, missing nutrients in your body, and poor diet. Changing up your diet and taking good supplements can be two smart ways to boost your health and help with your thyroid condition. Additionally, the use of supplementation can be a nice way to help any patient who is not already responding well to prescription medications.

Sugar Free Living

While you may love to have sugar in your coffee and you love to dive into sweets once in a while, you should know that there are many more ways that you could be bringing sugars into your diet that you do not even realize. Working with a professional naturopath, you will be able to learn all about sugars and how you can balance out your diet.


There have been numerous studies showing that there is a link between small intestine problems and hypothyroidism. There can be an overgrowth of bacteria, like yeast. Quality probiotic supplements have live bacteria that will help to keep your intestines and your stomach nice and healthy. While working with Holistic Solutions, you will be able to learn how yogurt, raw cheese, kefir and other supplements can come in very handy for lowering your cholesterol natural for your hypothyroidism issues.

If you are looking for natural hypothyroidism elevated blood cholesterol level treatment in Orange County, call Holistic Solutions at (866) 296-2305 today! Whether you are cutting down on sugars, going gluten free, or trying something else, there are a number of wonderful ways that you can work on helping your hypothyroidism issue and getting you on a path to natural health and wellness.