Hypothyroidism Poor Circulation Treatment Options In San Diego

Hypothyroidism Poor Circulation Treatment Options In San DiegoIf you have poor circulation and you often notice that your hands and feet are cold, what you may be dealing with is an issue stemming from hypothyroidism. When there is such an issue, you do have options available to you in terms of hypothyroidism poor circulation treatment options in the San Diego area.

When you are someone who does not like to go with the traditional or conventional medicine route, you do have natural options available for treatment. Seeking the help of a professional naturopath will not only allow you to find out where the problem is coming from, but you will also have a wealth of natural ways that you can tackle the issue. There are many people today who are using the benefits of naturopathy to address hypothyroidism problems head on. Because natural medicine works on the premise of treating the body as a whole and not simply masking the symptoms, you will have a much better chance of the outcome you are looking for.


  • When you are having poor circulation issues, you need to be sure that you are always properly hydrated. Dehydration is a common problem that can lead to a sluggishness of your circulatory system. It can also reduce your body head and lead to decreased circulation, and increased pain and inflammation.
  • It is a good idea to increase your consumption of some of the essential fatty acids that your body needs to boost your circulation. Try adding in foods like olive oil, nuts, flaxseed oil, fatty fish like salmon, and avocado.
  • Using herbs with your cooking can also be very helpful for your circulation if you are dealing with hypothyroidism. Try using herbal options like onion, paprika, ginger, thyme, turmeric and chili.


  • Your naturopath may suggest that you avoid smoking and consuming alcohol as a way to raise your peripheral circulation.
  • Tweak your exercise routine to make sure that you are naturally improving your circulation. The right exercises each day will also help you to oxygenate the blood, break down any congestion that you are dealing with, remove toxins and also help to raise your circulation.
  • If there are any underlying cardiovascular conditions, your naturopath will be able to give you some advice on what to address so that you can make improvements. This may include a combination of both natural and conventional therapies.

Luckily, there are a wealth of natural options available to you that you can try to get your circulation back on track, including:

  • Fish oil is a nice anti-inflammatory that you can use to help your cardiovascular system and also reduce any capillary congestion.
  • Vitamin E is a lovely antioxidant that works to improve cardiovascular health. It is also a natural blood thinner that helps with inflammation and improving circulation.

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