Is HCG Still Available?

Is HCG Still Available?

Many Patients Call Us Asking: Is HCG Still Available?

The answer is: yes, HCG is still available. However, the availability of a specific version, HCG Pregnyl by Merck, is currently on allocation. This concept, while not commonly known, can significantly impact the access to certain medications. Allocation means that the manufacturer, in this case, Merck, is not producing sufficient quantities of HCG Pregnyl to meet the nation’s demand.

What does allocation mean for you?

  • It’s crucial to understand that allocation implies the need to locate a pharmacy with allocation rights to the medicine, which would have an established track record of ordering it. Without these rights, a pharmacy may not be able to provide HCG Pregnyl by Merck.
  • The use of HCG Pregnyl by Merck is approved by the FDA for fertility treatments, but it is not approved (off label) for weight loss. This nuanced distinction can sometimes lead to misconceptions about the product’s availability.

At Holistic Solutions, we are pleased to report that we still have access to HCG Pregnyl by Merck. Our history of consistent orders has granted us allocation rights, ensuring the availability of this treatment for our patients.

It’s important to clear up any misunderstandings that might have arisen regarding the availability of HCG Pregnyl by Merck. The narrative that it’s unavailable or not FDA approved has been circulating due to pharmacies lacking allocation rights and the off-label use for weight loss.

Why is a pharmacy’s history important?

  • A pharmacy’s history of ordering HCG Pregnyl by Merck plays a significant role in its ability to access the medication. This is due to the allocation system, requiring a track record of previous orders.

If you’re interested in acquiring HCG Pregnyl by Merck, your best course of action would be to reach out to us at Holistic Solutions. We can provide detailed information about access to HCG Pregnyl by Merck and address any questions or concerns you may have.