Is It Time To Talk About Low Testosterone Treatment In San Diego?

Is It Time To Talk About Low Testosterone Treatment In San Diego?

Even if you are a guy that makes sure you have a healthy diet and that you exercise regularly with plenty of sleep, you still could fall victim to lowered testosterone levels. Instead of going with treatment that can leave you with potentially harmful side effects, you can talk to a naturopath about low testosterone treatment in San Diego to get results.

Testosterone is a vital hormone in the human body that helps males with the development of secondary sexual characteristics along with external genitalia. This is a hormone critical in helping to maintain bone density and muscle bulk as well as red blood cells in the body and both sexual and reproductive functions. Without enough of it in the male body, it can lessen sexual drive and throw off the overall feeling of well-being.

The natural decline of testosterone in the male body often starts around the age of 30, and it will continue moving forward throughout the years. However, some males will develop a deficiency that is known as hypogonadism. This is a type of condition where the body is not putting out enough testosterone where there could be problems in the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus, or the testicles.

Instead of dealing with infertility, erectile dysfunction, lowered libido, and the loss of muscle or fatigue, you can talk with a trained professional naturopath about your options for the treatment of low testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy can come in the form of gels, patches, and injections, and you may also be able to work on lifestyle changes and a variety of supplements to help with natural testosterone production.

If you have been worried about having lowered testosterone levels, there are natural options to choose from for treatment. Call Holistic Solutions today at (866) 296-2305 to talk to Dr. Joseph Dubroff about low testosterone treatment in San Diego.