Is Your Hair Falling Out? Get Help With Hypothyroidism Treatment.

Hypothyroidism Treatment Hair LossSomeone who is noticing issues with their hair falling out may not realize that there could be an underlying medical condition. Naturopathic options are available to you for hypothyroidism hair falling out treatment with Holistic Solutions.

Are you starting to notice that there is more hair showing up when you wash your hair or brush it? If so, then you may actually have an issue going on with your thyroid. There is actually a strong connection between hair loss and the condition of your thyroid. While hair loss is a normal occurrence, too much hair loss is cause for alarm.

Thinning hair will also be normal, as about 50% of adults start to notice their hair is quite a bit thinner by age 40. Hair follicles will start to get damaged and new hair will not usually be growing back by this time, or it will grow back a lot slower.

When you see your hair stylist or barber, he or she should be able to spot some of the signs of hair loss. This is a known warning sign that there is something going on within your body that will tell you it is time to see a professional for treatment.

Some of the different hair loss treatments that are good for hypothyroidism will include:

Herbals – Herb supplements including sage, nettle, birch, calendula, saw palmetto for men and dong quai for women can be very helpful.

Vitamin treatments – Beneficial vitamin supplements are great for cutting back on hair loss and hypothyroidism, including zinc, vitamins C and E and B complex vitamins.

Food therapy – Eating foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, taking supplements that contain gamma linoleic acid and drinking kombucha can show great results.

Hands on healing – Massaging your scalp on a daily basis with the addition of lavender and rosemary essential oils can help to boost poor circulation and strengthen your hair follicles.

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