Lyme Disease IV Treatment & Therapy

Dealing with a chronic disease can be debilitating. It can affect your lifestyle, job, home, and so much more. Every single day can become frustrating as you’re struggling to find relief and hope. That’s where Dr. Dubroff at Holistic Solutions may be able to help. Here you’ll find natural, holistic treatment methods, including the Lyme Disease IV treatment & therapy in Carlsbad offered. Dr. Dubroff is here to help all patients get them back on their feet and feel better as soon as possible.

IV Therapy

This includes a small IV being inserted into your arm to administer nutrients and vitamins that help you feel better. The solution used may vary from patient to patient. However, many patients found that Vitamin C has helped them feel better by boosting their immune system. The personalized consultation you receive will determine the best IV treatment for your specific case.


IV treatment has a variety of benefits for all types of diseases. From feeling more energetic and clearheaded to getting rid of a hangover, the advantages you’ll receive are numerous. Patients looking for a more holistic approach to dealing with Lyme disease find that they see a great improvement in their daily lives.

Give Dr. Dubroff a call today at (866) 296-2305 to set up a free consultation. You can discuss your concerns, questions and find out more about the Lyme Disease IV treatment & therapy in Carlsbad that may work for you. Don’t feel as if you have to do this alone or that you’re going to have to settle for “normal” treatment methods. There are alternatives out there that can help!