Lyme Disease Treatment

There has been a lot of speculation when it comes to the impact of lyme disease in patients. This is a bacterial infection that is transmitted through ticks, which was first noticed in 1975. Investigations throughout the years have shown that people generally impacted by this disease live close to heavily wooded areas that are breeding grounds for ticks. If you are dealing with this condition, it will be in your best interest to look for your options in natural LYME DISEASE TREATMENT.

Lyme Disease Treatment In San Diego


Within the earlier stages of lyme disease, you may start to notice symptoms that closely mimic that of the flu. Some people will have a stiff neck, fever, chills, fatigue, joint pain and muscle aches. There can also be some patients who will have a skin rash that is large and red around the area where the tick bite took place. When the disease is more advanced, there can be issues such as arthritis or pain in the joints, especially around the knees.

Lyme disease has also been known to have a tremendous impact on the nervous system, leading a lot of people to have severe headaches or temporary paralysis or weakness in the limbs. Dr. Joe Dubroff uses a comprehensive set of treatments to help significantly help improve your symptoms and energy such as specific research clinically verified medicines that help reduce the symptoms of Lyme disease. Classical homeopathy and weekly CranioSacral therapy have gotten terrific results in improving quality of life.

It is important to take clear history and treat based on personal presentation. Nutrition is also an important factor and should be considered in all treatment plans.

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