Memory and Cognition Treatment in San Diego

Memory and Cognition Treatment in San DiegoOne of the most concerning aspects of aging is not the loss of physical ability, but losing the capacity to think clearly and remember things. Unfortunately this occurs to varying degrees in many people as they grow older. However, while it is not always possible to completely negate this effect, it is normally possible to significantly reduce the deterioration of memory and cognition using a holistic treatment method. Our holistic memory and cognition treatment in San Diego is well suited to fighting a loss of mental ability as cognitive problems are so frequently linked to lifestyle and dietary choices, which can be easily improved with the help of our specialists.

The links between mental deterioration and lifestyle choice have been well documented, in particular metabolic syndrome has been found to produce seriously detrimental effects on cognitive ability. Metabolic syndrome is caused almost entirely by poor nutrition and is extremely common in men and women over the age of 50, in fact the Journal of Gastroenterology claims that 44% of people over the age of 50 suffer from it.

Holistic medicine, especially at our clinic in San Diego, recognizes that the human body must be treated as one whole thing rather than as numerous separate processes. As such our clinic is ideally situated to deal with the nutritional and lifestyle causes of impaired cognitive ability.

We believe that prevention is always better than cure so our treatment plan is designed to set our patients on the right path before they experience the stressful symptoms of memory loss or cognitive impairment.

All of the treatment options we offer is personalized based on the history, age and condition of the patient in order to achieve the maximum benefits without harmful side effects. T

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