Menopause Treatment

Menopause Treatment In San Diego, CAMany women seek out help for a more natural menopause treatment after experiencing discomfort associated with Menopause. A woman’s body is strong and beautiful, these are natural stages that a woman’s body goes through in the proper time in a woman’s life.

These symptoms however, that come with it though can be distracting and extremely uncomfortable. However these issues can be addressed, and don’t have to rule a woman’s life. The professionals at Holistic Solutions can help.

When a woman’s body begins the process of moving away from reproduction, many things change. Her eggs will be released less often and eventually stop. These changes are controlled by hormones in the body just like many other functions are.

Traditionally, women had knowledge of what to eat and what herbs to take as the seasons of their lives moved from one to another. That knowledge has largely been lost in today’s technologically advanced societies. That is the goal of the staff at Holistic Solutions, as we want to empower people to be in their best health in the most natural way possible.

We have spent years studying the body’s natural health and healing abilities. Combining that with the best nutrition research and the use of traditional herbs and supplements lets the whole body be treated the way it is supposed to: by helping it naturally work together.

Menopause treatment are just a few areas the staff at Holistic Solutions helps our clients with everyday.

Contact Holistic Solutions today to get yourself on the path of better health and wholeness through effective menopause treatment.

“I started seeing Dr. Dubroff in 2010, I walked in with low energy,severe depression,weight gain,fatty liver ,and severe menopausal symptoms. He took time to set up a easy to follow eating plan for me, natural hormone therapy,detoxification ,and helped me with knee issues. I have been back a few times for follow up and I know and trust that if issues arise ,he is the one I would call. He’s patient and is compassionate. Thanks Dr. JOE your awesome !!” -Tina Rowland, Ca