Metabolic Syndrome Treatment In Oceanside

metabolic syndrome treatment in Oceanside

If you are dealing with insulin resistance, otherwise known as type 2 diabetes mellitus or metabolic syndrome, this happens to be a disease that is rather widespread across society today. A resistance to insulin is well known for being the root of certain pathologies like hypertension, obesity, and imbalances in cholesterol levels. If you are looking for treatments that are different than those offered with conventional medicine, you could get the help that you need with naturopathic metabolic syndrome treatment in Oceanside with Holistic Solutions.

The normal metabolic process starts when you are eating a meal. Food starts through the digestion process and as your body recognizes the blood glucose, your pancreas will release insulin. This is the hormone that will cause specific cells to grab the glucose from the blood.

However, metabolic syndrome will happen whenever there is too much insulin that gets put out and the cells that have the receptors for insulin will not work any longer. A resistance to insulin will happen whenever there is too much of it in the blood. Your cells are not equipped to handle that much insulin, so they will change so that insulin is no longer able to interact with them. This will lead to inflammation throughout the body as there will be more insulin that is preventing glucose uptake.

Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can fully tackle metabolic syndrome the natural way when you work with a professional naturopath. If you are someone who tries to limit the amount of prescription medication that you are taking, the naturopathic approach could hold all of the answers that you are looking for.

Sleep – The human body needs to be able to get enough sleep each night in order to function properly. Even just one night of poor sleep can bring about insulin resistance.

Diet – By changing up your diet, you are able to easily eliminate a lot of the trigger foods that you may be having issues with. While working with a naturopath, you will have a customized plan that will help you to select the right foods to fuel your body and bring about optimal wellness without any flare ups or further metabolic problems.

Minerals – If you are lacking in some of the importantminerals that your body needs, you could be suffering unnecessarily from metabolic syndrome. In order for someone to have proper metabolic function, your body needs to have magnesium, chromium, selenium and others. If you are not getting what you need from the foods that you are eating, you can talk about the right amounts of supplementation to bring your levels back up.

In addition to all of these things listed, Dr. Joseph Dubroff will be able to look at your medical history, bloodwork and other tests to see what may be going on inside your body. From there, you will have a fully tailored plan to help get your metabolic system back in check so that you can start to feel like yourself again.

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