Metabolic Syndrome Treatment

metabolic syndrome treatment in San DiegoMetabolic Syndrome, which is also commonly referred to as Syndrome X, is considered a serious health issue around the world and is considered a serious challenge for traditional healthcare professionals. This is due to the rise in the rate of obesity, as well as more and more people having a sedentary lifestyle. When a person develops Metabolic Syndrome, they also have an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and CVD. This is why metabolic syndrome treatment is so important.

Dr. Dubroff from Holistic Solutions offers a natural approach to reversing the effects of metabolic syndrome, and helping to prevent it in the first place. This disorder is linked to a significant amount of weight around a person’s midsection, which is why one area that Dr. Dubroff focuses on when treating it is nutrition and diet. Lifestyle changes and changes to a person’s eating habits can reduce the effects of this condition significantly.

The naturopathic approach to treatment of this disorder will not use any type of surgical or chemical intervention, but rather focus on making a person healthier as a whole, which will reduce the chances they will develop the condition in the first place.

When a patient contacts Holistic Solutions for treatment of metabolic syndrome, they will first be scheduled an initial consultation. This is when Dr. Dubroff will evaluate their current condition in order to create the perfect treatment plan based on the person’s specific needs.

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“Having recently met this wonderful man and had great interactions, I am happy to say I can recommend his consciousness. It is obvious he is a man of deep caring, both personally and professinally, and expertise in natural medicine is evident.

-Holly Hill”