Mission Beach Residents Can Begin Healing With Prolotherapy For Hip Labral Tear

Mission Beach Residents Can Begin Healing With Prolotherapy For Hip Labral Tear

Dealing with any injury is enough to put your routine out of whack. If you have a hip labral tear that you are experiencing, it can bring a great deal of discomfort and make it difficult to take on everyday tasks. When you want to know your options beyond prescription medications and surgery, seeing a naturopath for prolotherapy for hip labral tear in Mission Beach might be a smart decision.

What is a Hip Labral Tear?

This is an issue involving the labrum, the ring of cartilage located around the outside rim area of your hip joint socket. Not only does it work to cushion your hip joint, but it also acts almost like a gasket or seal that helps hold the ball into the top position of your thighbone in the hip socket.

Some people who participate in many sports are at higher risk of having a hip labral tear, including sports like golf, football, hockey, soccer, and ballet. There could also be people born with structural abnormalities that end up with issues in this area.

Symptoms of a hip labral tear often include at least one or more of the following:

  • Limited range of motion or stiffness in the hip joint
  • Pain in the groin or hip is usually made worse after sitting, standing, or walking for a long period
  • Clicking, locking, or catching sensation that you feel in the hip joint

How Prolotherapy Helps Hip Labral Tear

Prolotherapy is a wonderfully effective treatment if you are dealing with a hip labral tear. The cartilage cells cannot repair themselves, so injection therapy is good for helping with cell regeneration. With injections by a professional naturopath, it can respond with connective tissue growth. Many people who have been through a hip labral tear and do not want surgery have chosen prolotherapy as a costly, effective, and less invasive alternative.

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