Myers Cocktail IV Treatment & Therapy

IV therapy is a great way to deal with a multitude of issues. That’s why Dr. Dubroff has long since offered a variety of these treatment methods at Holistic Solutions. From dealing with chronic fatigue to helping with illness, IV therapy is a great option for dealing with whatever is going on in the body. One option offered here is the Myers cocktail IV treatment & therapy in Carlsbad. Take a look below and see how this might assist you with a variety of different conditions:

What Is Meyers Cocktail?

This IV solution contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients that patients are deficient in. These deficiencies can cause a multitude of issues such as heart disease, allergies, and inflammation. Dr. Dubroff will discuss the various problems you’re experiencing to see which of these therapy methods may work best. In general, this IV solution contains magnesium, calcium, Vitamin C, and many Vitamin B types.


Those who benefit from this option may include those dealing with:

  • Asthma
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Immune deficiencies
  • Imbalances in hormones
  • Migraines
  • Fatigue

The process takes around 45 minutes from start to finish, and you shouldn’t experience a lot of side effects if any. Patients will be monitored throughout the process to ensure they’re comfortable and doing well. IV therapy can help you have more energy and feel better while taking a holistic approach to your health.

If you’re interested in discussing the Myers cocktail IV treatment & therapy in Carlsbad, be sure to reach out today at (866) 296-2305 for a free consultation. Dr. Dubroff is here to help you with all of your medical concerns.