Natural Evidence Based Medicine

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Dr. Joseph Dubroff offers natural evidence based treatment options for a wide variety of symptoms and medical issues.

Natural treatments as a general whole are non-toxic and non-addictive, as opposed to a large portion of traditional medicine. It is still important to see a well-trained Holistic Doctor as there are still some things to be concerned with. You can be rest assured that natural medicines have a much better safety profile then conventional medicines. It is impossible to be aware of all medical information, so best to start with the safest, most gentle restorative programs.

Though a Naturopathic Doctor’s aim is to restore your health, not just offer a safer yet research verified treatment, though that is within an ND’s grasp. Getting at the cause and providing a comprehensive personal program is what Naturopathic medicine is all about. Dr Dubroff spend two hours in the initial consultation to get to know not only your concerns but you!

Many of natural treatments have been available and in use for centuries, the evidence of effectiveness has long been established. Though in the modern age there is a continuingly expanding body of medical research papers on natural medicines. Modern Holistic Doctors do not need to depend on historical uses only anymore. Natural research is published in the same peer reviewed medical journals as conventional treatments.

Research is also focused on the bioavailability of all these components. For example B vitamins are not extremely bioavailable in all forms; you may see B6 as Pyridoxal HCL or you may see it as Pyrodoxal-5-Phosphate (P5P), as well as a number of other forms.   It is important not only to understand appropriate dosing (B6 at 200mg/day can be toxic) but to understand that B vitamins need to be phosphorylated to be bioavailable to the body. The best form of B6 is P5P.

During your preliminary 2 hour session with Dr. Dubroff, we will carefully examine all aspects of your life to determine the source of your problem, understand your particular needs concerning treatment and make a decision specifically designed to assess and treat your unique situation. Dr Dubroff designs a safe and effective treatment based on this information, lab evaluation, researched natural approach and historical uses to resolve your health needs. Your treatment plan is highly individualized to meet your unique biochemical requirements.

Our holistic approach to healthcare is a comprehensive holistic solution to your medical health and preventative needs. We will provide you with a detailed plan of treatment that is safe and effective and teaches you how to help heal and restore your wellbeing. You can then take control of your own health for your current and future success.

Call Holistic Solutions today at (866) 296-2305 or (866) 296-2305 to schedule a private consultation to discuss an integrated approach to your overall health or for questions about natural evidence based medicine.

Patient Testimonial

“Having recently met this wonderful man and had great interactions, I am happy to say I can recommend his consciousness. It is obvious he is a man of deep caring, both personally and professinally, and expertise in natural medicine is evident.” -Holly Hill