Natural Hypothyroidism Elevated Blood Cholesterol Level Treatments

Natural Hypothyroidism Elevated Blood Cholesterol Level TreatmentsThe condition of hypothyroidism is often associated with having elevated levels of cholesterol, with an emphasis on elevated triglycerides. There is also a certain form of high cholesterol that seems to be resistant to a number of cholesterol lowering drugs. Working on natural options for hypothyroidism elevated blood cholesterol level treatments with a professional naturopath will give you the power to get your thyroid back in balance.

For anyone who ends up with elevated cholesterol levels and a diagnosis of thyroid issues, a proper treatment for hypothyroidism can be very beneficial for reducing cholesterol levels to a normal amount.


A good plan of attack for lowering cholesterol will be a change in your diet. Cut back on foods that are high in cholesterol and try to put an emphasis on a diet that is high on fiber and low on saturated fats. Your professional naturopath can help you to find some of the best foods that work to naturally lower cholesterol, including oatmeal and a variety of fruits and vegetables.


Certain supplements are great for lowering cholesterol, including those that contain beta sitosteral and phytosterol. There are also certain herbs that make for a wonderful supplement to bring down cholesterol and create a great balance for your thyroid, naturally. Some of the best supplements for hypothyroidism and lowering cholesterol include:

Selenium – Some people are actually deficient in selenium, which can reduce the activity of your much-needed thyroid hormones.

Iodine – An increase in iodine in your diet and a kelp supplementation can give you a boost that is great for your cholesterol as well as your thyroid.

Tyrosine – This is an amino acid that the body needs in order to manufacture the thyroid hormones from iodine.

Bladderwrack – This is a kind of seaweed that makes for a rich iodine source that can help with stimulating the thyroid gland while also boosting metabolism.

Regardless of the thyroid issues that you have been dealing with, cholesterol is another factor that makes it necessary to get your thyroid and cholesterol levels in check. Holistic Solutions can help you with hypothyroidism elevated blood cholesterol level treatment, so call (866) 296-2305 today!