Natural Options for Low Testosterone Treatment in Orange County

As many may be surprised to discover, low testosterone or low T is not only a male issue, as women can also be subject to this concern. An unfortunately common side effect of aging or medical problem, there can be substantial indications of low T. Nevertheless, there is successful low testosterone treatment in Orange County which has proven to be very effective.

Low Testosterone Treatment in Orange County, CA

The most advertised and well-known symptom of low T is lack of sexual drive and interest but there are other complications, as well. Low testosterone levels can additionally be manifested in depression and unhappiness, anemia, low energy, decrease in bone density and less muscle mass. To determine if low testosterone is the cause of these symptoms or if another complication may be present, thorough diagnostic testing and evaluation must be completed.

A naturopathic doctor will utilize a holistic approach that also encompasses analysis of your diet, eating habits and nutrition; the amount of strain you are experiencing; exercise habits; use of tobacco products and whether you are taking prescriptions for high cholesterol or other maladies.

After reviewing your results and under the watchful supervision of an qualified naturopathic doctor, an individualized plan for increasing testosterone in your body will likely include specific stress reduction techniques, bio-identical hormone gels or creams, a detailed sleep and exercise scheme, dietary guidelines and nutritional and herbal supplementation.

Low T management will lead to a stronger body with more muscle mass, an elevated mood and attitude, a sturdier heart, lower blood pressure and higher HDL cholesterol.

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