Naturopathic Medicine in San Diego

naturopathic medicine in San DiegoNaturopathic medicine in San Diego utilizes a combination of Western and Eastern thought in regard to health, wellness and healing. Traditional forms of medicine usually involve the use of surgery or medication for the relief of symptoms and diseases, as well as suppressing symptoms rather than healing the underlying issue that is present.

At Holistic Solutions, we believe that naturopathic medicine offers effective and safe options for a number of different complaints. Dr. Joseph Dubroff understands how to apply naturopathic care to a number of different situations, ensuring each patient receives a superior level of care.

When an appointment is made at the clinic, patients will first be evaluated in order for Dr. Dubroff to determine the actual cause of the problem and then solutions will be offered based on caring for each patient as a whole, rather than simply trying to mask or suppress the symptoms that are present. The treatments offered will also help to prevent future issues.

Dr. Dubroff understands that the body has the ability to naturally heal itself, and with restoration of the body’s natural balance, this is possible. Some of the methods used at Holistic Solutions include: Evidence based natural medicine; clinical nutrition; bio-identical hormones; classic homeopathy; detoxification; lifestyle changes; prolotherpy; osteopathic manipulation; and hydrotherapy.

There are a number of different ailments that can be successfully treated with naturopathic medicine including: headaches; low testosterone; hypothyroidism; memory problems; Alzheimer’s; weight loss; arrhythmia; insomnia; hypothyroidism; PMS; ADHD; heart disease; and much more.

For more information on naturopathic medicine in San Diego, contact Holistic Solutions at (866) 296-2305. Patients can schedule a free phone consultation and begin their journey to a healthier body and mind.