Naturopathic Stomach Bloating Treatment In Escondido


Naturopathic Stomach Bloating Treatment In Escondido

For many people, bloating is a rather common complaint that brings on a significant amount of discomfort. Stomach bloat is a condition that impacts people regardless of their size, age, or sex. Whether it has to do with something you have been eating, your genetic makeup, or something else, you can get the results you need without invasive measures by looking into naturopathic options for stomach bloating treatment in Escondido.

Under the guidance of a professional naturopath, you will have all of the insight that you need to gain control of your health and start seeing the results that you deserve. Many people will opt for naturopathic measures because they prefer it over conventional medicine. When you call Holistic Solutions to talk with Dr. Joseph Dubroff, you can start in on a journey to optimum wellness and a life that is free of uncomfortable stomach bloat.

Some of the options for treatment may include:

Plant-Based Probiotics

The gut microbiome, or gut flora, is a system of microbes that reside in the digestive tract. This system can have an impact on everything, from depression to irritable bowel syndrome. Plant-based probiotics like tempeh, kombucha, sauerkraut, and kimchi are all known for helping to ease stomach bloating by promoting a healthy balance in the digestive system.

Caffeine Reduction

Caffeine can be naturally-dehydrating, and it also boosts acid production. When this happens, it can start to irritate the gastrointestinal tract. Limiting yourself to one cup of coffee a day or switching to a decaf alternative can be a good way to cut the bloat.

Lifestyle Changes

Your naturopath will be able to go over all of the options that you have for making lifestyle changes to reduce bloat and enhance wellness. This may include things like increased exercise, trying out yoga, getting more sleep at night, and much more.

Naturopathic stomach bloating treatment in Escondido could be the answer you need. Call Holistic Solutions today at (866) 296-2305 for information.