Naturopathy in San Diego

Naturopathy in San DiegoNaturopathy in San Diego, offered by Dr. Durbroff at Holistic Solutions, provides patients and alternative to traditional medicine methods of healing. Naturopathy is based on promoting wellness by determining the uniqueness of all patients and then utilizing natural therapies for restoration of their structural, psychological and physiological balance.

In naturopathy, there are a number of key principles that are followed including: utilizing the healing power of nature; identifying and treating the underlying cause; doing no harm; acting as a doctor and teacher; treating the person as a whole; and prevention. With these principles, Dr. Dubroff is able to offer solutions that do not involve invasive surgeries or introducing chemicals into the body, but rather focus on restoring the natural balance of the body.

Naturopathy has been proven effective for the treatment of chronic conditions that conventional medicine are not able to help. This includes digestive disorders, sleep disturbance, pain and fatigue. This is because Dr. Dubroff treats patients individually and as a whole, rather than focusing just on the symptom they are experiencing.

Dr. Dubroff understands the art that goes into healing patients, which goes beyond dispensing a nutritional supplement or herbal remedy. He takes the time to fully understand each patient’s story to ensure the proper treatment method is prescribed.

While naturopathy is an accepted form of treatment, there are a number of people who are still unaware of the benefits it offers. By calling and scheduling an evaluation at Holistic Solutions, patients can be on the path to being healed naturally, without the need for surgery or expensive prescription medications.

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